About Saturday 26th Nov 2016

About Saturday 26th Nov 2016

Bead dyeing workshop was amazing a different experience as it was a walk in a workshop as opposed to a sit down more relaxed workshop. I was at an event called commoners fair in Nottingham based at Primary. I was nervous the start, children were more attracted to this workshop because they got the chance to paint and make some jewellery and learn how to dye or colour beads in different ways. For me, I learned a lot about myself in terms of organising skills and how I delivered the information I needed to . Also Knowing what to bring and what not to bring I guess I brought enough in case you never Kno what is going to happen. Doing workshops it’s about being open-minded and readily equipt.

you say no so easily

you say no so easily

I admire the way

you say no

you say it so quickly

you say it so strongly

I find it hard to even say the words no

when I know that will affect many a people

the household will become war trodden

I dislike war so I don’t say no

I admire the way you suddenly don’t know how

to cook

when you can drill off all the steps to how I Should cook

how I should do this with your verbal help

but I’m needing physical help

help me to do what you already know




Why I love art

Why I love art

I love art because it has its own meaning storey versus titles. It has a voice that dose not always need to speak. It has a natural form when loving art becomes the reality of life that you are able to see in between forms. It is like the shadow that I tried to ignor

as if art is just art like just a painting a child has drawn

As if art is just art something that had no fort of

its but a paper thats torn.

As if arts just something to stare at that has no meaning at



Art to me is something that I am made of

its not a thing though its more

an organ connected to the bloodstreams in

my body

it is like a connective character in the sentence

which makes it longer than using only 5 words.

Its another world that is behind the words

on the paper that I have to squint because

I forgot my specs

it’s but a force that erupts inside of me

sparks a light bulb on my head top

and I can use it whenever I need to

it’s free to me because my mind is engulfed in my

own meaning and feelings.

it is indescribable unless you

are inside my mind.

its the voice of the ancestors living through

me subconsciously



let the fairytale go

let the fairytale go

once upon a time

a child was born

his ears where hidden

eyes closed

his mind was fed unrealistic


sat in front of the tv watching Disney films


things that didn’t look like his everyday world

it blocked out the reality

it blocked out his light

fairy tales are lies

the same lies his parents

are trying to denounce him

don’t lie they tell him

but why shouldn’t he lie

when lying is what adults do best.

And we all hide under the baby blanket close

ears to reality and truth

like its the rapture coming to get us.



To be continued ….






you like the star

in the sky

you shine amongst thousands

you like gold dust I kept

it safely in between

the hands of mine

that once felt like

it never had a use

until you become a reason

son, you smile like you

know me

like you have known me all

of my life.

Son, you are my first

good morning

and last goodnight

you are the reflection

of me

a reflection I am trying

to perfect

so you can learn not

from my mistakes

but from my smile.

Black friday

Black friday

Black friday

the day where most people

go crazy

turn into

materialistic leechers

empty pockets

so desperately like they have

never eaten

black friday

the day where black

where black falls from the jaws

of people so comfortably

as though talking about shade

has become sooo taboo

Black no brown no coloured skin

no chocolate skin

But  i am sitting hear with black

being frown in my face

like I don’t know the meaning

of black friday

we started celebrating this

in the UK as though

the American aesthetics hasn’t

already infected us.

I keep reasearching why they call it

black Friday some articles

states its not about slave

no slaves got sold half price

that day.

its misleading to believe

such a thing.

why can’t the name get







Workshop weekend

Workshop weekend

Are you a commoner ? Sataurday the 26th of November I will be running my second workshop but my first jewellery making workshop. I will be doing some basic wood bead dyeing and staining to 3 hour lessons. I will be doing a demonstration using stains made with rusty nails and different vinagers. Also natural paints mixing natural teas and vegitable/fruite powders mixed with Kaoline clay. I am very excited forwhat the future has for me although I am new to workshop facilitating I am in progression.