Trying to creat new Habits

Trying to creat new Habits

About me, my name is Raisa not that it isn’t obvious. I am a 27-year-old woman from the UK from  the City of Nottingham. I am a person that dabbles in art forms such as poetry, writing, spoken word poetry and visual Art. I am also a mother to the two-year-old boy called Hezakiyah. This blog is for me to show you me in different forms of art. A conversation to wet your pallet and a new skill for me to learn.


So I have come to realise that through wanting to be successful I have to create new habits and out with the old habits. I am a last minute dot com and it does not help with being a full time only parent as well. And also a dreamer a creative and artist an activist. Okay, so I get involved in so much and want so much more yup!  I am an octopus woman. Juggling everything. So I am thinking of ways to adapt so I don’t feel soo flustered and fussy. I am seeing more and more how Dyslexic I am so I need to invest and really take my time but still do what I need to do.

cwuioerxaaahudlso I woke up today at 6:08 yup omg loved it so much I was like yay Toddlers coconut milk done yes he’s not awake nope! Detox tea for me loverly me time, soo muchly deserved. From this post, you can get I am not organised but I am trying to create and organised healthy lifestyle.


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