Hello world,

Good weekend,

I am here searching on the net for meal prep ideas and blogging ideas and advice. I swear I am working over time sat hear woke up today at 7:00 am UK time lil one wakes up half an hour later with the biggest smile on his face. That’s what I live to see that one smile in the morning it’s better than breakfast. So I am wanting to start afresh for next week my whole wake up time and organizing my life I know it takes time but small steps turn into big steps which soon become normal like learning how to drive then knowing how to drive. YES!

Today on a Saturday starting last week I took part in a program and New Arts Exchange based in Nottingham which is an Arts exhibition creative space right in the heart of Hyson Green. The place shows a lot of diverse artist from storytelling to activism but I guess art is of Activism if you are creating feeling through art visually are writing.  I am one of the artists that tend to get invited to programs and I am like yes YES!! I’m coming I bring the baby or not but he is always welcomed. I like to keep the networking and get involved in local projects get myself and name out there. Simply because I have felt that I haven’t done enough where I could have. So the word CAN’T has no sound in my mouth it’s always how can I.



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