Another side of me a Visual ARTIST

Another side of me a Visual ARTIST

I have been attending creative groups and projects. lately trying to find my inner self more through learning and socializing. It has been quite busy but, nothing has really stepped in my way unless it’s another meeting. So I joined an activist group called rebel woman in Nottingham it focuses on feminism aspect of society. As women, we are able to talk and also offer advice and understanding I am happy to be apart of this group as it helped me not feel alone and alienated. In the world that teaches  women to be silent and not heard sit, there be pretty.



This piece of art is about a grandma and grandchildren speaking about the grandmas past. There are a lot of things in society that is shoved underneath carpets and never to be seen or heard of. I believe being a mother to a young boy it is my responsibility to explain things realistically and to teach him to talk out on what could harm him if he hadn’t spoken of. in this day and age, there is no room for taboos and “we don’t talk about that” oh no long gone are the days of shame and cover-ups.


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