single parent

by the choice

that I made

when I accepted a

joy ride

in the night hood

but Ima

a single parent

because I stood by

the choice

I made faced the consequences

faced the consequences

to stand by my child for the

rest of the life

I have given on this earth


ima single mum

that second thinks

what she is doing is correct.

thinks when is someone going to

call my phone knock on the door

ask me to come out.

single mum that runs errands like

the earth will one day explode and vanish

Think’s more about tomorrow than today

because we still gotta eat tomorrow

and what we have today we can make

do with.

The single mom

that holds her own and

does not promote

being a single mom.

you know I am trying to

prepare my speech to why

his dad isn’t here.

Son well me and your dad

simply were not meant to be


but you was meant to be here

and like


well I tried I really did

I do not want to slate your dad

but hears a number call him sometime




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