I keep asking

I keep asking

I channelled my inner child

started asking questions

from young, I have always questioned

the meaning of life

its weird that we are of life

but don’t understand life

its like bringing someone back to life

when they really wanted to just die

what’s the answer in this reality

and are all my questions going to hell or heaven

should I be curious or just shut up

go church and pray to a man that I see as  a hypocrite

because I have become somewhat protective of myself

around men

and being like that means you’re a feminist

I mean what it’s not okay to be intuitively

protecting what creates other human beings

okay so I won’t judge but I don’t get why if you


don’t meet the requirements to a certain group

you are all of a sudden a none believer

okay harsh words coming from inquisitive people

who no nothing of the history to why I don’t attend

also being a feminist is harm to black families

nope it’s not each person has their own stories protecting

your own vag should be first priorities especially if you have been





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