This is me

This is me


This is me no quotation marks needed

it’s all me I ain’t famous

nor am I perfect

This is me

I like to see things

in many view points

I often get into debates

coz I just want to know why

some say I’m stubborn

but I say they can’t actually handle

someone not seeing things their way

the world is more than my bedroom door

more than the person next door

more than the people that live

inside of the television screen

more than the pain

that kinda spreads across the


yes these people are real

it’s not made up

it get me frustrated

how many highly

intellectual enlightened

intelligent people are out there

that can help the situations

happening in 3rd world countries.

I imagine all religions make a mass

praying day spread it out on the news

on social media

3 mins silent where they all pray lifting a power surge

of darkness off the earth.

It seems like Activism but Religion should be its

should Act on what they preach

our minds so much more than just what we

are taught its what and how we think.

imagine how the world would be if everyone did

as they said literally.

Save the world.




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