The codfaced man

The codfaced man

He the man with the codfaced
he the man with it in his hand
he is crying for world domination
and his people fall to the ground
scared for the land that don’t belong to
them Lets makes America great again
get out those chains
slavery was abolished but not
in the minds of the non-coloured man
this man they call president does not stand for all man

but in a time like  his frowns will
soon slice his forehead open
for he cries under the dresses of his
she may as well go back to where she come from
like many none melinated folk
living the American dream

The one where they took sale

stole from other lands in order to control

and kill people with more melanin than his

to make America GREAT again he means

get rid of the ink that adds life to the

blank pages of history

he means

get rid of the ink that adds life to

the pages in history

I mean scrap the paper keep the ink

keep the trees the land

keep the  blood of life

You will soon see the spirits of the bodies

hanging in the tree on his papers

hanging in the trees on his doorsteps

He banning Muslims like they are the only

problem? he has

no many a problem and they aren’t one of them

It is okay no man can judge me

It is okay no man can judge me

I don’t go
to Church
No I don’t sit in church
I don’t say no if I am
invited for an event
but that isn’t the house
of God
to me, it’s a counceling house
I see people who see people
who can see-through people
who testify infront of people
feeling safe in this house
but when they leave they
are judged by the same
people they feel safe with
in the house of God
those same people deter me from
sitting infront aside behind
else where
do you kno why
coz god sees me Naked in my house
God knows my worst nightmares
God knows me.

minds are more than minds and whom ever
sees through me
or acts as a child of God
or practices
hasn’t practised

They have not seen the brusies
felt the pain
but for some reason I feel most
people I know’s pain
is that God working in
I belive it is
I don’t see God smiing in church
I see God smiling within me

So my writing

So my writing

I am a poet that like to be on the dot of realisticism because I believe that to have that none brushed up self in my work shows my Authenticness. I enjoy writing in many styles but the one that is the here and the now shows up a lot in my work. I have the raw edged knife and the smooth spoon. It takes my whole mind and concentration to just write or free write. I also enjoy reading Monologue type poetry I guess that is the style that I write in a lot Thinking of producing some books of self-love and being mindful I kno that there are a lot of mindful books available. I would be doing it in a realistic everyday style.

He, was born right

He, was born right

you mean I’m

born right
because two adults
didn’t think twice
before they created life
they just kept on
like it’s just a joy ride
fucking like
it’s just for today
like nobody is
like no heart is beating
that no chemistry
has been created
like I didn’t just come in a world
without them fucking
explain to me what I should
feel when I agree to have sex
I mean ima boy I can make babies
too like with someone I love
I just wasn’t made
with that full love
and I hope to
this earth
I am taught how to love
even if they didn’t love
I know my mom loves me
she can’t teach me how to be a
man she can only show me how
to become the best I can by
not letting no man just come into
our lives
like narsty flies pon meat
allow it fam
They didn’t have love
but I surely taught her how to
love and
how not to
be selfish and think about
she wants to fall in love ey

she wants to fall in love ey

She said

shush! gosh
I really want to fall in love
I want to
be squeezed that tight
 I kinda loose my breath
Then he lets me go
Repeatedly holding me
Let my second lips start to talk
they can’t wait to talk
and laugh and cackle
I can’t do it right now
I can barely take this.
And he will just hold me right?
Or is it all in my head that he would really
Want to talk deeper but without words
let his second
 mind communicate
or should I just become all  cold
I mean I get all scared and
tell them lips to shut
the fuck up
like they get me in trouble
feel like regurgitating at the
waist line when, I see him
um like a volcano ready to
like a fizzy bottle of pop
been all shook up
like Elvis Presley
what would happen

what would happen

I wonder sometimes

in my head

what would happen

if I regurgitated

the impulse reactive thoughts

that speak loudly in my head

and then I realise how rude it

feels for someone else to do this

but then how offensive it is

when someone else feels offended when I do so

but then what if I spat words out

as quickly as I try to compliment

people and spread that good feeling

news around.

Nothing feels too good or looks too good

what If me spitting out thoughts as soon

as they enter my mind ain’t always a bad thing

like what if?

I know it would help my mind from impulse thoughts

and detox my brain so my mind can sleep

or I could just see the world through my eyes


and like wipe clean the lens

that is fogged over by rage

and insecurities

stress trying to get through a net with smaller holes

simply because no one wants to hear

that stress.

Someone should hear that I mean

if it’s them…

sometimes we say best

by saying nothing they say.

Nope we say it best when we get it out

and minds empty of thoughts

that pollute your


and make you sick