The codfaced man

The codfaced man

He the man with the codfaced
he the man with it in his hand
he is crying for world domination
and his people fall to the ground
scared for the land that don’t belong to
them Lets makes America great again
get out those chains
slavery was abolished but not
in the minds of the non-coloured man
this man they call president does not stand for all man

but in a time like  his frowns will
soon slice his forehead open
for he cries under the dresses of his
she may as well go back to where she come from
like many none melinated folk
living the American dream

The one where they took sale

stole from other lands in order to control

and kill people with more melanin than his

to make America GREAT again he means

get rid of the ink that adds life to the

blank pages of history

he means

get rid of the ink that adds life to

the pages in history

I mean scrap the paper keep the ink

keep the trees the land

keep the  blood of life

You will soon see the spirits of the bodies

hanging in the tree on his papers

hanging in the trees on his doorsteps

He banning Muslims like they are the only

problem? he has

no many a problem and they aren’t one of them


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