May fall for you

May fall asleep

May hold onto you

May let go of you

May run away

May stay

She said to him

Answering his lengthy questions.

How do you appreciate

How do you appreciate

How do you convince yourself that proud and pride isn’t wrong especially isn’t guilty
Or being happy isn’t wrong
If you expect to just be frown full
You think people are taking a joke when they
Are being serious but ya can’t be serious
With self
Doubt is too real
Than happiness is
Like a poof of
Diareahed pup pooh

The stars

The stars

They sit in the sky

they don’t twinkle

like they said they do

they just shine

its strange because

how does space

result to sky

how can we simply see

the stars with the naked eye

why are all the stars lit up

like they all have some kinda

power inside

I mean all these questions floating

and the answer is that

they are rocks that

have a mass of floating atmosphere by them

how do the stars stay in the sky

why are we not afraid of them falling

how comes the birds can’t fly to space

well I guess it is something to do with the

ozone layer

So many questions

and I best find the answer

coz I have a 2 year old who can’t stop asking