Black Currency economics and life savings 

Black Currency economics and life savings 

So this is quite different from my usual. And has a mind boggling affect in my present mind thoughts.  I look at my son and think what should I leave for him,  in this world and what could he leave for other people and so forth. So I have started to do vlogs hopefully they will be of use to anyone. I am a raw person no smooth edges tho I’d like to be smooth I guess the more real I am the more relatable I am. I can talk from a place of worry to a place of problem solving. I see a huge difference in communities and peoples attitudes towards buying and saving. The government dose not give you an option to save and jobs these days don’t offer stability. Right now it’s banging heads against walls and dissing society that seems to have us stuck but it is the society we are comfortable living in and then dissing. It’s like an abusive relationship with something you know is bad and you are fighting against it but it’s all you know. 

I hear issues in my own community which is black Afro Carribean from the UK. We face so much discrimination racial, sexual you name it. Our kids are targeted by this very energy from a young age. I remember cradling my womb whilst repeatedly hearing the shooting of black men, boys and women by the police. I’m am a black woman giving birth to a black boy whom at the age of 10 would be automatically seen as a black man in this society compared to the white boys and other races who are the same age. They could be acting the same playing the same but my son would be out numberd this is a fact. He is seen as cute and adorable but it doesn’t last. What I am saying is opportunities are not equal in society so how can we build a community where we can review how we can internally build an economy and confidence in self. I am for learning and teaching. 


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