Painting silhouette collarge 

Painting silhouette collarge 

Today me and my lil one are creating mixed media collarge using a number of art medias. I really enjoy being able to wake up and create whatever is possible.


So my son is a 2-year-old and he is sooo forward in his concentration and creativity. I encourage this in him because the sky is not the limit and if he is interested in something that will not be detrimental to his health and good for his mind I will allow him to read to draw to pain to see graffiti or live arts. I feel that it is important the youth of today to have a broader mind, Especially now that technology and other things are replacing alot of traditional learning and games.

We are not done yet 

We are not done yet 


In a world that changes constantly we are bombarded with the ideals told by idealist adopted by hopefullists and the rebels tend to pull away from the Normality of the happeningistisms. We tend to reach outward self rather than reach in. The ones that are individualist either scream silently or loudly stand out or look most mysterious. Now I am talking about personal style preferences and presentation. How we want to feel outside must reflect the inside. The side of us that is child like but we keep telling it to shut up because the outside world can’t deal with children. It’s we can’t deal with self but we need to find a space. I need to find a space In accepting. Let our child speak they are limitless until we refine them into this makeshift of a world. We have no fears unless the fear created Has a momentum in mind. The fear is nothing with out emotion and imagination that we create ourselves. I am going to challenge myself into being the best version of self in any circumstances and over obstacles that we face. Some times we have to feel the burn and understand the reason why it burns before putting it out with water. I guess it’s to easy to not want to feel the reality and understand it instead of being overly comfortable not thinking there is a need for progression. 

We double Dable 

We double Dable 

Weekend just gone, well last Saturday I had the opportunity to do some Graffiti and boi was this some kind of therapy well my kind. It was so exuberating like how the paint just sppppssssss out of the can, creating forms of beauty in the front of me. So this workshop was for Breakin Convention which is touring the UK it’s excitingly in my home city this week. I am frilled to get involved and see the show. I will be taking my little lion with so he get some Art exposure I always think it’s important for him to see what I am interested in as it’s something that will be dominant in our lives. ART is a big thing for us and myself.

Art is when your mind asks your permission to speak.



Dust fell on top

of my left eyelid

it was light but somewhat heavy

it felt like how we mystify the stars

in the sky when they are really rocks

or the soft falling of snow

that freezes your eyeball

no It felt somewhat comforting

uno a piece of speckly dust

that chose to fall on my eye

unlike sitting on the bus or

the tram with an empty space

beside of me

watching people dodge the seat or

sit down only because….

but this speck of dust chose me.

sounds strange but we miss the things

that now seem unimportant to us

in exchange for the things that are really

not that important to us.

we can dismiss the falling of the leaves

and the coming of new leaves

just like we forget what we had to do

in order to make a weeks lunch for

the family.

I guess we should write our down comings

so we don’t forget how human we are

trying to be inhuman and not knowing

how to cope in a world that expects us to be

superhuman like the films we binge watch

trying to create a world that is only for the screen

and when the film finishes

put the news on.

And then

And then

reality kicks in

the war is still on and no

I cannot see no superhuman hero

flying in the sky

saving those dying kids

putting out that fire

fighting those baddies

argghhh Baddies if only

what we put our most into


served us its time.

time spent in an unrealistic





Wot is it lyke then

uno wots inside ur head

or your mind

erm your cranium

hmm awkward I thought

is this more difficult

for you

asking the question

or for me trying to find the

suitable answer


nope you interest me even more

watching you twindle through

words and terminologies

you feel most comfortable saying

in this most uncomfortable conversation which

has just been quashed out of uncomfortable


I mean as if you would sit comfortable


word for word vision for vision exactly what

is in my head.

it’s like opening someone’s secret diary

or listening in on a phone call.

picking brains with toothpicks

but I will warn you don’t feel

to comfortable asking such

questions and expecting mediocre responses





what obstecals do we face

what obstecals do we face

what obstacles do you face?

we face things like self-doubt

self hate

we put words in our minds

and swear someone else has said it

we look into the mirror

and sigh each time coz that person

looking back is the only one

that can keep us down

I guess it’s when we can’t look into

our own reflection

well for me its familiarising

myself from the one I think I look like

from the inside or is it the other way around?

It’s the use of negative language that has become

so natural

it’s not being able to celebrate self in case others

feel away.

it’s saying sorry for your happiness as though it’s

a curse.

It’s building up imaginary blocks

imagining yourself climbing it

no Imagining yourself not climbing it

because you are far too afraid of falling

and having to get back up again.

my life right now 

my life right now 

So much has changed in life. Changes happen just as we speak. We loose cells that are being recreated we have breathed so many breaths we don’t even recognise.

We take in amazing amounts of information

But we are only trained to understand some.

We underevaluate pain and suffering

But it’s quite possible to die

Than to be cured because we have already given up in mind.

I’ve lost a few

Friends lost my first love

And that hurt me bad

But I got to see them again.

They never died

But my Nana died.

I never truly gave the thought to

Sayings because they had a depth

The depth I was in denial to.

They say you never know what you had

Until it’s gone.

Some come and go

And some never return.