We are not done yet 

We are not done yet 


In a world that changes constantly we are bombarded with the ideals told by idealist adopted by hopefullists and the rebels tend to pull away from the Normality of the happeningistisms. We tend to reach outward self rather than reach in. The ones that are individualist either scream silently or loudly stand out or look most mysterious. Now I am talking about personal style preferences and presentation. How we want to feel outside must reflect the inside. The side of us that is child like but we keep telling it to shut up because the outside world can’t deal with children. It’s we can’t deal with self but we need to find a space. I need to find a space In accepting. Let our child speak they are limitless until we refine them into this makeshift of a world. We have no fears unless the fear created Has a momentum in mind. The fear is nothing with out emotion and imagination that we create ourselves. I am going to challenge myself into being the best version of self in any circumstances and over obstacles that we face. Some times we have to feel the burn and understand the reason why it burns before putting it out with water. I guess it’s to easy to not want to feel the reality and understand it instead of being overly comfortable not thinking there is a need for progression. 


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