How could I challenge myself 

How could I challenge myself 

So I am all about challenging myself to be better at the things I set for myself. The things I want to achieve and my time managements, I often start things and not finish them. Now that I have my own space I will have my own time and be more flexible and disciplined In myself. It is a struggle to stay motivated but this is a challenge I am willing to partake. 

List of my challenges. 
1.create a daily routine for me and son able to cook prep meals and save money 

3.stick to the task above. money 

5.declutter and live more frugal and controlled environment more and less stress

7.relax and excersise, clear mind. 

8.create and complete projects network and get out of my comfort zone. healthy on routine and cook and bake with son. Consume less chicken and dairy products just say no thank you. 

  1. Stay on task in check focused keep cool and calm. be able to set myself aims and goals each week to each month and tick things off lists. 

  1. To create strategic goals and objectives. 

13.To be able to review each week and month with critical thinking and results. 


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