Have time to ponder

Have time to ponder

So I am just sitting thinking how quickly everything has evolved or rather not. And how people are actually human beings when some people don’t see them as at all. It’s a great way to appreciate people if you feel too busy to stop and listen to take in what they are saying even care. My new strategy is to listen more and to be still listening to them before I talk. Not always using the “Me”. Although alot of people do but in your conversations with the “I” and the “Me” I don’t take it to the deepest heart I understand that I am learning more about myself by being patient. Being silent in other peoples needs and woes until it’s your time to talk saves a lot of Arguments and disagreements. I guess we need to slow down abit. The things we may rush to do are not as important as sitting down and actually having a face to face conversation which all round can make you feel good. Just putting the phone down for a while and looking for some family activities or something else other than the phone. I am using mine for my career, but I do need to plan around how I will use my time and when I will lock off. How my time away from the phone will be spent and so forth. We can be impulsively addicted to doing something that is not any positive use like what’s your actual reason and did it benifit you in any way if the answer is no. Then look for something worth your while. It’s part In parcel with a bag of things we do. Like buying rubbish and spending £ on doughnuts just Because. I am guilty of this brought some doughnuts I have done this twice and I did not regret it like extremely but they failed the taste test. I guess I expected to be taken to a whole new world or maybe that is over the top. The way I see my £ now I ask myself the following.

Is it worth it?
What else could I spend that money on?
What do I expect to get from the particular product/service?

By buying this will I be hungry after?

How long will this feel good experience be for?

We probably don’t give ourselves these questions to answer but it’s important to check in before you part with your money and time. Take some time out to think about desisions.



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