High on Life

High on Life

Today Tuesday and my son has his first whole day at nursery well woop and course I missed him. So I walked to the town centre where I live and did a few sound recordings and videos of the surroundings and I bumped into my cousin wow. It felt good one of my faves. We walk together until we reach town. And then my youngest sister calls me asking where I am. I am in town I Say to my surprise she’s in town what!. This is early in the morning like 9 am+ we don’t link up like this. So on a day u thought I’d be having to myself I was greeted by my sister and then nope rewind. I had an interesting message on my phone to start the day off with. I had a rough night went bed confused. The morning was soo refreshing. It gave me a sense that I am on the right track and whom ever wants to quiz me and upset me it’s on them. Pow!.

So a friend of mine told me about a art Gallery in the town centre me and my sister go in and I introduce myself to the Artist P. Spowage I was nervous as you get until that persons vybz gives you permission to relax and relax I did. His presence and Aura was like fairys dancing around the gallery and his paintings spoke to me. Just felt a calmness and a connection like I was meant to be in that space place wake up that day and done what was meant to be. The whole day was a bit of mistic. Vybrations are strong. Alot is happening for me and alot has happened.



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