We don’t actually no

We don’t actually no

Don’t you ever just think that we don’t really know exactly what or why we put our energy into some things that actually result to the thin air of oops I don’t actually no the reason to why I did that, said that why am I are we here…. Erm okay. I sometimes get this feeling like I have syked myself up extremely high it could be excitement adrenaline or anxiety adrenaline but somehow for some reason, all of the fuss resulted in a somewhat disappointing stop. Like why am I so anxious it wasn’t that bad or why so anxious when it turned out to not be what I was expecting. Like all of that energy and sugar just burnt out by adrenaline and over thinking I mean nothing wrong with it. I guess this could just be a natural way to find rationality in a situation. I am sitting in Nottingham Broadmarsh shopping centre trying to find a reason. Well, my son is at nursery, I have some me time, they have WiFi and oh its cold outside. And they are playing 3T and other 90s R’n’B like seriously. Woiii chunes childhood memories nostalgia yup


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