5am wake up or nah

5am wake up or nah

So the title has nothing to do with the actual time I was waking up at 4:30am this was actually exhausting me out Even more through out the day. So I need to analyse and adjust the whole organisation way. Now it’s unnatural to be organised and perfect but that doesn’t mean to say that this is not unnatural for everyone. Just some people. Point I am making is that I forget I have a child and I have to incorporate the extra time spent with child and spent cooking and cleaning and sorting them out. I thought woooh I can just fly around the home because woo I am awake and child sleeping. He needs me to be available and aware for him. Not to be zombied out like I am having a hangover oh no. And that is how that felt. Head banging not smiling stomach rumbling.

BOOM! So I am trying to find good habits from my spending habits to the how can I experience life being a single mother with bare minimum. And how can I make a good upbringing for my child and how can I make it in the world of entrepreneurship and business in fashion jewelry and workshop Facilitating. I mean does this all sound unachievable like pooh loads of things to do. And I will find ways I’m just experimenting what works from what does not. Has anyone got any tips and ideas that we could spring bounce off?


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