In bed 00:37

In bed 00:37

UK time I’m in bed and America fb interactions are more appealing than my sleep though I will sleep soon. Just in ranting confused arrrghhh mood like Do we really focus all our time on things that don’t really matter. Like still as adults. For real when there are things like sorting out the house and family ok maybe we could find different more advanced and exciting ways to engage In such, we will talk about this in another post. It just strikes me being a black woman in a westernised world where I could sit down and say they don’t like me. I don’t fit in. Raaraaraa. It’s the facts and yes I am Black lives matter not disrespecting anyone elses lives whilst I am fully aware of my own. It’s like you see my child he is 3 he’s cute and innocent learning like any other child. But because he is black anything he does in this society even at school may be over exaggerated because of the obvious. I have just come from ranting on a post that is discusted in a gay flamboyant black man on the run way. Now my concern with my community is that what is not important in name and shaming this man. Is more of focus than us looking at our generational wealth. I am talking from the UK to the USA and trust me the economics are similar. I have my son now so this subject matter stands far and out. It’s so easy for focus to shift onto other peoples business. And it’s more desirable to bring people down instead of just thinking ok they are happy and move on. I swear social media in some aspects has set people up for distraction. The more people comment on his posts good or bad he’s the one laughing not them.


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