Concentrate on

Concentrate on

Imagine all that understanding of your self was more important than gossip and what’s on the tv. More important than just putting anything into it like a garbage bin. Imagine that you cared for your body and protected it like a religious person protects their beliefs. Imagine how you could actively protect your own belongings and that’s you. We protect babies and not ourselves like we just give up. I get myself In trouble for protecting myself. Even the information and people’s presence can get in. Our bodies are the only ones we have. It’s so easy to project care onto objects and things that can occupy the space in our minds. With things that don’t really matter. Sometimes I get curious why putting on my makeup wrongly does not get to me at all. I just rub it off and reapply. I am a mother who doesn’t have the time to glam up. Working on it but it’s not too important. This could get me angry and upset when it’s just an eye brow. My time is best spent focusing on something I kno needs my time. We need to kno what our time is spent on whether it’s wasted time or productive time. I waste time on social media that is only if I am not doing anything productive. That is my guilty pleasure I guess. Depends how you define that.

(will be writing more)



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