I write on this blog because I like to write and I love to talk. I don’t hold back much because I have an awful lot to say. I am not afraid of what I have to say. I don’t try to pretty things up. Life isn’t really pretty it’s what ever lense we choose to look through.

Where would I like this to end up? Well I see myself as a worldly person still learning and on some kind of journey where everything and every day is like a completely new experience even if you did the same thing yesterday. Nothing is the same and of you have the chance in life to create the dream life for yourself then I would say go for it. Through out the years I have built confidence in just writing poetry and just get it out there. Regardless of my dyslexia which I have pulled up and edited my poetry for the sake of being more professional. I have still put it out. This blog is a true  mirror of my personality and that is the Image I wanted to portray. I want it to look abit more professional though and incorporate some visual arts into it. It’s all about evolving and evolution today is now and tomorrow is then. I am so appreciative of the people who follow and support me. It gives me a little comfort in knowing that I have the chance to just be myself in such a way. That ten years earlier I’d of asked permission to be myself and to be told to redo my gcse threw me backwards. Like a screaming cat with no voice. Trying to prove how intelligent I actually am. But now days what is intelligence measured by and does it hold key’s for success?


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