Why tho init

Why tho init

Why oh why

Can’t I get my self together

Slightly rightly tightly

Politely inspiringly

But I am tired.

Single mom syndrome

Nope don’t agree erm

You are doing very well they say

From the outside looking in

When you well and kno

Sometimes it feels like you are doing

An awful job. I mean you can’t even get ya sen dressed not looking nice

Only just pulled ya socks on and

Out the door dodge mirrors and say we are ok things are looking up.

You send child to nursery and walk along the road side see homeless and wish you were Superhero.

Don’t worry child things will get better.

Feeling intuned with many things minds popping because material things are just another skin, another you.

Whilst these things are not accessible you learn the skin your in I guess for me I learn more from being without and slowly becoming comfortable. The whole you are doing well is not helpful sometimes that I want to be invisible like my single mother status does not define me. It’s a fact and maybe all I kno. I guess this society sees this as a negative thing I see it slightly especially if something was to happen to me and my son and their is no one to come and protect us. When I hear coupled people going through something like needing help from the partners I’ve learned to not hold malice and just except that, it is a privilege that they have a family unite. Being a single parent you have to be both masculine and feminine and I have felt like I have been forgetting my feminine energy their for not attracting anyone as such. This writing has gone everywhere but I guess writing in the real world isn’t all calm and smooth.


3 thoughts on “Why tho init

  1. I love that ur writing went here then there. My writing does that too and in creative writing it can be anything. I also 100 relate to the masculine side taking over. Its like u will feel weak if u allow ur self to be to feminine or something. Although being a single mother may seem like it is the stand out thing. But for me you were a writer. Take this single tome to get tp know urself again and know who u are as a mother. You wont stay single for long once u start acknowacknowledging and loving yourself. Thank you for sharing x


    1. Thank you for being able to relate to my writing being as organic as possible I guess it’s what allows others to relate. I want my blog to be sorted of in perfectly perfect. Thank you for your kind words it means alot to me. Sometimes being and living on my own can be a lonely thing so my art is a comfort. X


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