Love questions

Love questions

Love who the hell are

Like really why you so
Popular like?
Love is it a myth or
Is it something or someone?

Love let’s sit down and talk for a while.

I think love got mixed up with Oragasmic short circuits.

I mean that feeling feels quite electrifying.

I guess it makes a better connection
When love is wired up.

You see love don’t always come from
The stuff you stick in the toaster.

I believe it comes from the inner
Place where you connect none

They would say it’s a more spiritual thing.

So love why you always dropping out of peoples mouths and do they no
The difference between love and lust?
Not ust because ust is a long way from dropping the l In lust.

Love romantically and love caringly gets a slap on both sides of the face. Some desire you to love them like it’s a weakness and some want you to love them like no other then throw the same love back in your face.

They don’t want to here you love coz you care oh no.

So love please can we work something out.

The breaking point

The breaking point

It’s pointing at you

It’s looking at you

Your mind becomes a playground

Too many things to experience

Your eyes prance stomach laugh

But it’s pointing at you

That moment when you.

Remind yourself to look

Straight in the eyes of the breaking point.

Tears stroll down to your face

Like a child you feel

Lost you feel

Confused you feel.

This is just a reminder that

You have come so far

Come from the roots of the woods.

You remember the lakes that used to run aside from where you once where.

The swing and the laughter.

Until you absorbed the world like

A sponge that had been disregarded as waste.

Can’t accept happiness

Can’t accept happiness

How do you prove to  yourself that proud and pride isn’t wrong especially isn’t sheepish
Or being happy isn’t wrong
If you expect to just be frown full
and You think people are making  a joke when they
Are being serious but it is you who can’t be serious

but it is you who can’t be serious
With yourself.
Self-doubt is too real
and  happiness is
Like a poof of



pup pooh

Them tears

Them tears

I forgot that you couldn’t cope with


But now look at me

I can’t feel your pain

No, I can’t


mention of how you

Really feel is letting off any type of Vybz.

I see you as a big stern concrete house

So strong and powerful.

And now I see you cry

I stand and watch over you

Those tears that are falling from your

Face splashing off the ground as soon as they fall.

I learnt how to not hold you.

And I think I learnt that from you.

Your tears fall

When my tears fell you stood up and watched me, you did not know how

The wrench inside of my stomach felt

As though my insides wanted to disregard me the way you made me feel I get it you felt helpless but all I needed was a hug.







Feel anything





I have come to or coming to some sort of realisationing,  that you can’t force an understanding upon  somone if they are not willing to. Open their  eyes and ears to see that differences do exist. And occur in our reality and that not everyone will understand.  What they can see on their level of understanding. I have had arguments with people simply because they seem to force the reality of their own that has no progress to change in this environment that we are living in and especially mine. Then I try to understand for why am I getting frustrated when I already no what I do and it’s OK just for me to keep my mouth shut and listen. Erm well I find it hard to. It’s like telling your stomach that you have not eaten crap food and no it will not hurt ur stomach at all! In denial of the fact that no matter how much we try to prevent the world from crumbling and stop people from hurting dying and killing no matter how much we pray or give money. We are not incontrol. Maybe incontrol of a percentage just of,  because we are not accepting that our thoughts are our reality. I have some kind of trying to reason that if we are able to manifest our reality then why are so many of us externalised in thought instead of internalised. This is because we are taught from a young age how to externalise inorder to recive such as share and be kind put people first. Not saying be inhumane but we are not taught in the westernised world that we need to internalise and understand self before other people. Like religion alot of it is outsourcing our prayers and idolising other humans this idolising is soooo Ancient and I can’t say too wrongs I am just trying to get an understanding without the end result being that. I need saving or read the Holy book. I offend alot of people with me not conforming and being one of them but I can’t understand where they are coming from.