Just a thought poetry 

Just a thought poetry 

On every road someone has died 

on every floor  somone has cried 

in every toilet someone has been sick unless it’s new and you just didn’t know. 

Every door has been knocked open and shut.

 Soil has been turned upside down and hearts been broken and mended. In our life there is only so little we won’t understand or experience. What I am saying is don’t pick out all of the good grapes and leave the over ripe ones for others. This could happen to you. 

How could I challenge myself 

How could I challenge myself 

So I am all about challenging myself to be better at the things I set for myself. The things I want to achieve and my time managements, I often start things and not finish them. Now that I have my own space I will have my own time and be more flexible and disciplined In myself. It is a struggle to stay motivated but this is a challenge I am willing to partake. 

List of my challenges. 
1.create a daily routine for me and son

2.be able to cook prep meals and save money 

3.stick to the task above. 

4.save money 

5.declutter and live more frugal and controlled environment

6.live more and less stress

7.relax and excersise, clear mind. 

8.create and complete projects network and get out of my comfort zone. 

9.eat healthy on routine and cook and bake with son. Consume less chicken and dairy products just say no thank you. 

  1. Stay on task in check focused keep cool and calm. 

11.to be able to set myself aims and goals each week to each month and tick things off lists. 

  1. To create strategic goals and objectives. 

13.To be able to review each week and month with critical thinking and results. 

Painting silhouette collarge 

Painting silhouette collarge 

Today me and my lil one are creating mixed media collarge using a number of art medias. I really enjoy being able to wake up and create whatever is possible.


So my son is a 2-year-old and he is sooo forward in his concentration and creativity. I encourage this in him because the sky is not the limit and if he is interested in something that will not be detrimental to his health and good for his mind I will allow him to read to draw to pain to see graffiti or live arts. I feel that it is important the youth of today to have a broader mind, Especially now that technology and other things are replacing alot of traditional learning and games.

what obstecals do we face

what obstecals do we face

what obstacles do you face?

we face things like self-doubt

self hate

we put words in our minds

and swear someone else has said it

we look into the mirror

and sigh each time coz that person

looking back is the only one

that can keep us down

I guess it’s when we can’t look into

our own reflection

well for me its familiarising

myself from the one I think I look like

from the inside or is it the other way around?

It’s the use of negative language that has become

so natural

it’s not being able to celebrate self in case others

feel away.

it’s saying sorry for your happiness as though it’s

a curse.

It’s building up imaginary blocks

imagining yourself climbing it

no Imagining yourself not climbing it

because you are far too afraid of falling

and having to get back up again.

my life right now 

my life right now 

So much has changed in life. Changes happen just as we speak. We loose cells that are being recreated we have breathed so many breaths we don’t even recognise.

We take in amazing amounts of information

But we are only trained to understand some.

We underevaluate pain and suffering

But it’s quite possible to die

Than to be cured because we have already given up in mind.

I’ve lost a few

Friends lost my first love

And that hurt me bad

But I got to see them again.

They never died

But my Nana died.

I never truly gave the thought to

Sayings because they had a depth

The depth I was in denial to.

They say you never know what you had

Until it’s gone.

Some come and go

And some never return.

Since the start of the year 

Since the start of the year 

I have been rubbing shoulders with like awesome amazing people. I’m not one to boast but when it’s over I can and will. So I took part in a commission research programme and event exhibition on the black arts movement based in the UK. This was led by Barbe Asante a artist Educator and curator. To be able to be apart of something exciting for me I am a humble modest person but fully take the opportunities available to me serious. Working with Barby was very interesting as the knowledge she had and how she listened to us and how we learnt new skills made me take myself a little more serious.