We double Dable 

Weekend just gone, well last Saturday I had the opportunity to do some Graffiti and boi was this some kind of therapy well my kind. It was so exuberating like how the paint just sppppssssss out of the can, creating forms of beauty in the front of me. So this workshop was for Breakin Convention which is touring the UK it’s excitingly in my home city this week. I am frilled to get involved and see the show. I will be taking my little lion with so he get some Art exposure I always think it’s important for him to see what I am interested in as it’s something that will be dominant in our lives. ART is a big thing for us and myself.

Art is when your mind asks your permission to speak.

About Saturday 26th Nov 2016

Bead dyeing workshop was amazing a different experience as it was a walk in a workshop as opposed to a sit down more relaxed workshop. I was at an event called commoners fair in Nottingham based at Primary. I was nervous the start, children were more attracted to this workshop because they got the chance to paint and make some jewellery and learn how to dye or colour beads in different ways. For me, I learned a lot about myself in terms of organising skills and how I delivered the information I needed to . Also Knowing what to bring and what not to bring I guess I brought enough in case you never Kno what is going to happen. Doing workshops it’s about being open-minded and readily equipt.