She not God

She not God

Girl cries aloud.

Busy shopping centre

I am not God!

Can’t change this world.

Feed the homeless

Cradle the hopeless

Clean streets of garbage,

Save the sick. Nobody lives for ever.

She can’t change the way things are,

She not God, but she feels what she sees.

She the mother not cradled her child yet

But sees a whole world in front of her that needs to be held.



Weird title but most things are just created and given names and understandings, I can imagine nothing or no one having a name so someone somewhere gave something a name. Okayyy then so I am looking at my dress sense and um like

“you ain’t helping me.” Said the girl to her clothes.

Im 5ft1 curvey but jeez them jeans love to make a sausage out of meh (Nottingham lang). Yes I am over jeans. I just want to wear skirts and dresses I feel they flatter my figure and make me feel desirable to myself. Has anyone else got problems with wearing jeans?.

I am at a stage where the whole transformation on style is needed.

Black Currency economics and life savings 

Black Currency economics and life savings 

So this is quite different from my usual. And has a mind boggling affect in my present mind thoughts.  I look at my son and think what should I leave for him,  in this world and what could he leave for other people and so forth. So I have started to do vlogs hopefully they will be of use to anyone. I am a raw person no smooth edges tho I’d like to be smooth I guess the more real I am the more relatable I am. I can talk from a place of worry to a place of problem solving. I see a huge difference in communities and peoples attitudes towards buying and saving. The government dose not give you an option to save and jobs these days don’t offer stability. Right now it’s banging heads against walls and dissing society that seems to have us stuck but it is the society we are comfortable living in and then dissing. It’s like an abusive relationship with something you know is bad and you are fighting against it but it’s all you know. 

I hear issues in my own community which is black Afro Carribean from the UK. We face so much discrimination racial, sexual you name it. Our kids are targeted by this very energy from a young age. I remember cradling my womb whilst repeatedly hearing the shooting of black men, boys and women by the police. I’m am a black woman giving birth to a black boy whom at the age of 10 would be automatically seen as a black man in this society compared to the white boys and other races who are the same age. They could be acting the same playing the same but my son would be out numberd this is a fact. He is seen as cute and adorable but it doesn’t last. What I am saying is opportunities are not equal in society so how can we build a community where we can review how we can internally build an economy and confidence in self. I am for learning and teaching. 

This is me

This is me


This is me no quotation marks needed

it’s all me I ain’t famous

nor am I perfect

This is me

I like to see things

in many view points

I often get into debates

coz I just want to know why

some say I’m stubborn

but I say they can’t actually handle

someone not seeing things their way

the world is more than my bedroom door

more than the person next door

more than the people that live

inside of the television screen

more than the pain

that kinda spreads across the


yes these people are real

it’s not made up

it get me frustrated

how many highly

intellectual enlightened

intelligent people are out there

that can help the situations

happening in 3rd world countries.

I imagine all religions make a mass

praying day spread it out on the news

on social media

3 mins silent where they all pray lifting a power surge

of darkness off the earth.

It seems like Activism but Religion should be its

should Act on what they preach

our minds so much more than just what we

are taught its what and how we think.

imagine how the world would be if everyone did

as they said literally.

Save the world.



They question feminity

They question feminity

I keep seeing articles

and you tubes about

how black women are not feminine

how we need to settle down get married

be someone’s wife

yes I said we

because I am a black woman too.

I question femininity because

I don’t know what that looks like

not dissing my community but the whole

society as a whole.

I cannot be a damsel in distress

if the only time I feel feminine or deemed

feminine is when a male can see or feel

in-between my thighs

like sex is just a daydream

treat the woman good

its not being treated good

its being used

and treat

her like a dirty piece of wasteland

once the deed is done.

parents need to fix up

we got a whole mix up in here

young girls seeing mom and dad

at war fighting throwing punches

girls at school as young as 4 having themselves

being touched in the wrong places

but society didn’t teach her yet

how wrong this is.

You see when a young girl sees and feels all of

these things why should she grow

up accepting things

that made her uncomfortable.

Then you see all these Articles on how Femininity

is Killing the black Families

well it starts from home

if you cannot protect

to teach your child

then whats wrong in Society are

the adults.



By Raisa Mcclarey Francis



The day has passed

The day has passed

passed is the day

the last day

you made the bones in my

body react to you

asthough you had

a magnetic force

drawing my body close to you

Gone is the day

the last day

you made me feel soo weak

I felt sick

and I barely could protect myself

gone are the days where your

dictation became

my situation

Gone are the days where trying to

please you just so you couldn’t

abuse me

now its GONE

its passed

the breeze blew over them days

I made a contract to myself

to  never

have  those days again.