Painting silhouette collarge 

Today me and my lil one are creating mixed media collarge using a number of art medias. I really enjoy being able to wake up and create whatever is possible.


So my son is a 2-year-old and he is sooo forward in his concentration and creativity. I encourage this in him because the sky is not the limit and if he is interested in something that will not be detrimental to his health and good for his mind I will allow him to read to draw to pain to see graffiti or live arts. I feel that it is important the youth of today to have a broader mind, Especially now that technology and other things are replacing alot of traditional learning and games.

About Saturday 26th Nov 2016

Bead dyeing workshop was amazing a different experience as it was a walk in a workshop as opposed to a sit down more relaxed workshop. I was at an event called commoners fair in Nottingham based at Primary. I was nervous the start, children were more attracted to this workshop because they got the chance to paint and make some jewellery and learn how to dye or colour beads in different ways. For me, I learned a lot about myself in terms of organising skills and how I delivered the information I needed to . Also Knowing what to bring and what not to bring I guess I brought enough in case you never Kno what is going to happen. Doing workshops it’s about being open-minded and readily equipt.

What am I getting up to

So the weekend coming I will be hosting and planning my first poetry workshop via City arts in Nottingham. I am a part of a creative group who plan events once every year for a whole month.


This is the flyer for the Young people’s take over running from Next week on the 12th I am looking forward to this. There are going to be different workshops running on the weekends such as printmaking, music engineering, drawing, and painting on canvas. At the end, there will be an open mic to end the events and celebrate.

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