Random with my voice 

Random with my voice 

Yummy Oatly milk

He, was born right

He, was born right

you mean I’m

born right
because two adults
didn’t think twice
before they created life
they just kept on
like it’s just a joy ride
fucking like
it’s just for today
like nobody is
like no heart is beating
that no chemistry
has been created
like I didn’t just come in a world
without them fucking
explain to me what I should
feel when I agree to have sex
I mean ima boy I can make babies
too like with someone I love
I just wasn’t made
with that full love
and I hope to
this earth
I am taught how to love
even if they didn’t love
I know my mom loves me
she can’t teach me how to be a
man she can only show me how
to become the best I can by
not letting no man just come into
our lives
like narsty flies pon meat
allow it fam
They didn’t have love
but I surely taught her how to
love and
how not to
be selfish and think about
Why I love art

Why I love art

I love art because it has its own meaning storey versus titles. It has a voice that dose not always need to speak. It has a natural form when loving art becomes the reality of life that you are able to see in between forms. It is like the shadow that I tried to ignor

as if art is just art like just a painting a child has drawn

As if art is just art something that had no fort of

its but a paper thats torn.

As if arts just something to stare at that has no meaning at



Art to me is something that I am made of

its not a thing though its more

an organ connected to the bloodstreams in

my body

it is like a connective character in the sentence

which makes it longer than using only 5 words.

Its another world that is behind the words

on the paper that I have to squint because

I forgot my specs

it’s but a force that erupts inside of me

sparks a light bulb on my head top

and I can use it whenever I need to

it’s free to me because my mind is engulfed in my

own meaning and feelings.

it is indescribable unless you

are inside my mind.

its the voice of the ancestors living through

me subconsciously



Workshop weekend

Workshop weekend

Are you a commoner ? Sataurday the 26th of November I will be running my second workshop but my first jewellery making workshop. I will be doing some basic wood bead dyeing and staining to 3 hour lessons. I will be doing a demonstration using stains made with rusty nails and different vinagers. Also natural paints mixing natural teas and vegitable/fruite powders mixed with Kaoline clay. I am very excited forwhat the future has for me although I am new to workshop facilitating I am in progression. 
My Jewelery creations

My Jewelery creations

Here is another part of my life I ENJOY  creating jewellery right from the thought process to the finished product. Along with my self-love and life structuring, I must learn to appreciate all that I can do and I have. Sometimes it takes not seeing a creation for a while for me to actually absorb that I created that and it looks “astonishing” wala. I am a more humble person through upbringing. Now that I have my son I want him to realise that the world is at your fingertips you can spin wool into your future and actually turn it into gold. Just by being who you want to be seeing your dreams and walking into it like a scene on Mary poppings. I started my dream but became pregnant. The upside to it is that I have more confidence to move forward than I had before.