Lil boy apologies

Lil boy apologies

He said he  was sorry

Sorry for being upset crying

Having tears racing down his face.

He’s so sorry that he wasn’t as strong as a super hero.

I said son, tears allow you to have strength, because without it superheroes won’t be able to smile.

Each smile saves the day. Strength is not shown only by muscle but the ability to cry and understand that it’s OK.


The breaking point

The breaking point

It’s pointing at you

It’s looking at you

Your mind becomes a playground

Too many things to experience

Your eyes prance stomach laugh

But it’s pointing at you

That moment when you.

Remind yourself to look

Straight in the eyes of the breaking point.

Tears stroll down to your face

Like a child you feel

Lost you feel

Confused you feel.

This is just a reminder that

You have come so far

Come from the roots of the woods.

You remember the lakes that used to run aside from where you once where.

The swing and the laughter.

Until you absorbed the world like

A sponge that had been disregarded as waste.