High on Life

High on Life

Today Tuesday and my son has his first whole day at nursery well woop and course I missed him. So I walked to the town centre where I live and did a few sound recordings and videos of the surroundings and I bumped into my cousin wow. It felt good one of my faves. We walk together until we reach town. And then my youngest sister calls me asking where I am. I am in town I Say to my surprise she’s in town what!. This is early in the morning like 9 am+ we don’t link up like this. So on a day u thought I’d be having to myself I was greeted by my sister and then nope rewind. I had an interesting message on my phone to start the day off with. I had a rough night went bed confused. The morning was soo refreshing. It gave me a sense that I am on the right track and whom ever wants to quiz me and upset me it’s on them. Pow!.

So a friend of mine told me about a art Gallery in the town centre me and my sister go in and I introduce myself to the Artist P. Spowage I was nervous as you get until that persons vybz gives you permission to relax and relax I did. His presence and Aura was like fairys dancing around the gallery and his paintings spoke to me. Just felt a calmness and a connection like I was meant to be in that space place wake up that day and done what was meant to be. The whole day was a bit of mistic. Vybrations are strong. Alot is happening for me and alot has happened.


Painting silhouette collarge 

Painting silhouette collarge 

Today me and my lil one are creating mixed media collarge using a number of art medias. I really enjoy being able to wake up and create whatever is possible.


So my son is a 2-year-old and he is sooo forward in his concentration and creativity. I encourage this in him because the sky is not the limit and if he is interested in something that will not be detrimental to his health and good for his mind I will allow him to read to draw to pain to see graffiti or live arts. I feel that it is important the youth of today to have a broader mind, Especially now that technology and other things are replacing alot of traditional learning and games.

AT school

AT school

tramps stunk

boys picked noses

straight hair got lice

light skin or white skin

girls got chosen

adolescent boobs


boys used girls for head game

back of the shed

popularity meant more

coz self life

got taken

from the day

at 5 being told to sit

in an uncompromising


backs straight legs crossed

fingers on lips

don’t say nothing whilst I’m talking

teachers sounded in human but as I got

older I soon realised how human they were

they just brainwashed my newly formed

human self into becoming a slave to there


wow so much to look back


never thought I would be

thinking these things

until I became a parent.



by Raisa Mcclarey francis




you like the star

in the sky

you shine amongst thousands

you like gold dust I kept

it safely in between

the hands of mine

that once felt like

it never had a use

until you become a reason

son, you smile like you

know me

like you have known me all

of my life.

Son, you are my first

good morning

and last goodnight

you are the reflection

of me

a reflection I am trying

to perfect

so you can learn not

from my mistakes

but from my smile.