Learning things

Learning things

Sometimes we take on situations that are not ours to take on. Things that have nothing to do with us. All on the part of being loyal. So biggest part of my life was being nice. Listening loving helping. Just a thought was it loving or just saving did I or do I want to save people from themselves and then if it upset somone else I end up juggling who should be saved now really who. Now that I clearly understand I am not a superhero for sure but deep down in my mind I had this vision that, that person can now smile be free. I just didn’t learn to think for myself and gp with the full heart regardless of who it hurts. I guess it’s the pure fact of being present for somone else in expense of it hurting somone else. Coz if you stop doing what you felt right to do in order to be a person pleaser. That person who wanted you to change has now nothing to benifit you so you are on your own now. Making a juggling show of pleasing until the show is on you.

Can’t accept happiness

Can’t accept happiness

How do you prove to  yourself that proud and pride isn’t wrong especially isn’t sheepish
Or being happy isn’t wrong
If you expect to just be frown full
and You think people are making  a joke when they
Are being serious but it is you who can’t be serious

but it is you who can’t be serious
With yourself.
Self-doubt is too real
and  happiness is
Like a poof of



pup pooh

you say no so easily

you say no so easily

I admire the way

you say no

you say it so quickly

you say it so strongly

I find it hard to even say the words no

when I know that will affect many a people

the household will become war trodden

I dislike war so I don’t say no

I admire the way you suddenly don’t know how

to cook

when you can drill off all the steps to how I Should cook

how I should do this with your verbal help

but I’m needing physical help

help me to do what you already know