Where does the change begin?

Where does the change begin?

Exactly what I thought where does it begin and how much work is needed for it to become a reality. I have struggled alot but learned a tremendous lot. Trying different things out. Some strategies work and some don’t. One thing I have learnt is that you are capable of achieving if only you are able to work out what works best for you. And have an understanding that what is for other people isn’t for you. Don’t expect the results to be the same as others. Work hard on what works well for you. It could take quadruple trials in order for you to find what works. Don’t beat your self up regardless and celebrate your upcomings. And access your down comings. Being able to be my own supporter has done good for me. Without expecting others to just jump at my needs. But it has also had its short comings. In not being able to ask for help at the results to being too needy or weak. I had to reacess the reason to why I don’t ask for help. And I guess it stems from not getting the right k

Kind of help at the time needed. Situations could have been serious to none serious. How people react always or may be the result of a situation they have been in. So from an experience point. I have realised that we can force someone to see things our way or the high way. The world really isn’t such a place where everyone is on the same level. Knowing this has made me have a calmer approach when people disagree or when I disagree.

what obstecals do we face

what obstecals do we face

what obstacles do you face?

we face things like self-doubt

self hate

we put words in our minds

and swear someone else has said it

we look into the mirror

and sigh each time coz that person

looking back is the only one

that can keep us down

I guess it’s when we can’t look into

our own reflection

well for me its familiarising

myself from the one I think I look like

from the inside or is it the other way around?

It’s the use of negative language that has become

so natural

it’s not being able to celebrate self in case others

feel away.

it’s saying sorry for your happiness as though it’s

a curse.

It’s building up imaginary blocks

imagining yourself climbing it

no Imagining yourself not climbing it

because you are far too afraid of falling

and having to get back up again.